Saturday, 20 September 2014


The Event planning industry in Nigeria has been at the back seat for a long time. This has a lot to do with awareness and knowledge of the existence of the industry. Most times, we always want to handle every detail of our event, which is okay, but time consuming and above all stressful. Event planners make it a whole lot easier for you. They go through the pain of sweating out all the details from start to finish, depending on the agreement.

You may ask. Why do i need a planner? What can they do i can't do? The truth is simple. You can do it all, but with so much lost. First, you lose your sleep trying to organise vendors an event planner already has. Second, the overall hidden costs of transportation and logistics you will spend may probably organise another event. Third, your health is very important as planning an event yourself may just get you on that sick bed due to extreme stress. Fourth, if you're a worker, when exactly can you plan an event? You probably just end up procrastinating till the season comes and goes and comes again. The list goes on and on.

With an event planner, all you are required to do is show up for the event. Its that simple. An event planner makes it that simple.
So, if you're an individual or an organisation looking to host an event from social or wedding to corporate events, without stressing yourself when you probably have so much on your mind beyond just planning the event, feel very free to locate an event planner and make your life much more easier for little comittment.

Trust me, i doubt you'll regret the move. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS.